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American Snipers crush it at SHOT

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American Snipers ( crushed it this year at the NSSF 2014 SHOT SHow. In fact, they set a new record for first day donations at SHOT 2014 this year with their extremely popular 2014 Crusader challenge coin and matching morale patch. Total revenue generated to support deployed Coalition military for the week – over $85,000. You read that right. $85K.

That is not all. The organization added added Vietnam era sniper legend Chuck Mawhinney to their staff.  Chuck is a sniper legend from the Vietnam era, and happens to be good friends with current staffer Ed Eaton (whom is still be considered for the Medal of Honor for his actions in Vietnam). The organization expressed their deep satisfaction and gratitude for finally having him on board. On top of that, Clint and Heidi Smith of Thunder Ranch designated as their 2014 charity of the year. It is an honor AS is immensely proud of.

According to American Snipers' cadre member Vaughn Johnson, the Crusader/In Hoc Signo Vinces challenge coin was completely sold out by noon on day two of SHOT.  Not to worry if you missed yours,  2K more were ordered prior to SHOT and should be available in their web store shortly.  They also sold out of their t-shirt/hoodie design (not unexpectedly, those sell out every year); new apparel with the Crusader/In Hoc Signo Vinces design will be forthcoming.

American Snipers In Hoc Signo Vinces challenge coin 1

“The group of volunteers that staffs has grown since the first days of SHOT show when we ran operations with five or six of us.  2014 had approximately 35 volunteers running the main booth and four satellite locations on the SHOT floor.  These volunteers encompass active and retired LE snipers, active and retired MIL covering Vietnam to present day, spouses of both groups and civilians with connections to all of those groups.  We continue to drive forward with no one receiving a salary and all monies going to buying or shipping gear (or the coins/shirts/patches we use to buy or ship gear)for deployed snipers and designated marksmen in all branches of the US Military.”

Moving forward with a staff that is 100% volunteer, American Snipers will be using all money raised to buy and ship gear to ‘…deployed snipers and designated marksmen in all branches of the US military'.

“We at American Snipers would also like to thank all of our supporters,” Vaughn says sincerely. “Both the newest as well as those who have been with us from the beginning.  Without them, we cannot do what we do.  Therefore, considers itself an extension of the will of the American people taking care of our shooters and making sure the guys get the specialized gear they need in a timely manner.”

No, thank you! American for doing what you do – and for doing it so well.

American Snipers staff at SHOT 2014

Chuck Mawhinney joins American Snipers

American Snipers rifle auction

American Snipers Ed Eaton

American Snipers In Hoc Signo Vinces challenge coin 2

American Snipers morale patch

The Mission Statement of American Snipers is a 501C3 non profit organization organized in 2003 and dedicated to supplying American military sniper personnel deployed abroad with the gear they either cannot afford or otherwise obtain.

The .org grew out of a Military/Law Enforcement sniper think tank known as “Snipersonline UA”.

The original intent of the .org was to assist deployed Reserve/National Guard friends who were employed as law enforcement SWAT snipers at home, but who were lacking the necessary gear to go to war post 9/11.

These early needs were filled, but subsequently, the broader need across the spectrum of deployed US snipers was found to be great and the fact remains that American military personnel deployed abroad, their families and friends, often spend thousands of dollars to procure needed gear and equipment. This is especially true of those assigned as snipers and designated marksmen.

Many ask “Why the government does not supply these troops what they need/” The answer however, is not black and white.

This gear is necessary but expensive and it is often different than that required of other Soldiers/Marines.

Sometimes the gear is allowed by the sniper’s unit, but different than what is authorized and or issued.

Sometimes there exists a disconnect between the snipers and their own commanders, who may be unfamiliar with the sniper’s specialized mission/needs requirements and see them as just another Soldier/Marine.

Therefore, the gear is either not provided by the sniper's unit at all; or although it is better to suited to the sniper's mission, the fact is not recognized by the sniper’s commanders … and the sniper's requests often fall on deaf ears.

In some cases, the sniper's commanders are on board but due to government cutbacks, their units cannot afford this gear in the first place; or the gear may have been damaged but cannot afford to be replaced. recognizes and fills these gaps in the “system” and is primarily composed of US Military or US Law Enforcement snipers, their spouses and families.

The entire mission is funded by civic donations. NO PERSON DOES NOW OR EVER WILL DRAW A SALARY and the operation is conducted on the member’s own time.

Operational expenditures are kept to the barest of minimums and almost all services needed (I.e. IT/computer) are donated as well.

MONIES go to purchase requested equipment, shipping charges and merchandise sold for profit, to maximize donations received.

Weapons, ammunition and suppressors are NOT SUPPLIED OR SENT ABROAD.

Authorized/unregulated equipment and gear is shipped either directly to a unit APO/FPO address provided by the sniper(s) or to their unit CONUS and transported by the snipers themselves when they deploy.

Donations are tax deductible.

The IRS 501C3 information is available on the home page at

Units, personnel and needs are vetted prior to gear purchases and the gear is requested to either be given to another unit, prior to the sniper’s return home or kept by the sniper if he is to remain in a sniper billet.

We have been asked “What if the snipers keep the equipment sent to them?”

Simply: These are PURELY gifts from a grateful public. If a surviving Soldier or Marine uses the same gear sent him to kill our enemies to take a big whitetail buck or elk; or compete in a competition here at home … We believe he or she has more than earned that right. It is also reasonable to believe that under these circumstances, we can all sleep perfectly well with ourselves at night having done the right thing.

These special troops are America's finest. They are our countrymen.

They are our fathers, sons, and brothers; our mothers, daughters and sisters.

And it is our single-minded goal to help them; for as long as it takes, no matter what, so help us God.

Brian K. Sain, Founding Director

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