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Americase Launches Aluma-Trans-UL-3-Gun Event Case

With 3-gun shooting becoming an increasingly popular competition, carrying and transporting your pistol, rifle, and shotgun in one case can make things much easier. The Americase Aluma-Trans-UL-3-Gun-Event Case allows for just that.

“This case is designed differently by having a front slot specifically to hold a shotgun rather than it being stored in a bag. This case was developed by Americase after listening to professional 3-Gun Event shooters, resulting in what we believe to be an excellent 3-Gun Event Case for the marketplace today”, said Bill Kinsala, President at Americase.

This case has a locking rod system, recessed wheels, spring loaded handles, four quality latches and has the Americase luggage restraint system. The interior consists of 2 compartments. The front slot is 47” x 2” x 6” and as mentioned, is specifically for a shotgun. The back compartment holds a weapons/drag bag, and measures 48 ¾ x 12” x 6”. The AT-VS-3-Gun Case, is made of tempered aluminum that is both light weight and very durable.

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