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AmmoUp: The Better Brass Picker-Upper

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As one might imagine, an entirely suppressed three-day experience with sixty-five vendors produced an incredible amount of brass casings. Quickly to the tune of hundreds of thousands of pieces of brass ranging from .22 all the way up to 300 PRC and everything in between.

Unless a generous orthopedic surgeon is looking to help the exhausted staff with knee replacements, AmmoUp has the perfect solution to saving valuable joints. Their brass collectors were absolute lifesavers! They allow you to pick up brass, shotgun shells, wads, or even paintballs and reballs, depending on the model you choose, and they have a surprisingly wide range of options.

The prices of these options are also quite reasonable compared to the current market offerings. Using plastic tines instead of metal ones, you’re also less likely to damage your brass. The plastic tines are also replaceable via their website featured as Brass Swap Kits. In the case of brass, like 300 PRC, that is a vital consideration. Fortunately, we had their push collector and a couple of compact pickers.

The push collector was especially useful as it comes with a collection bin that is removable and attached to the front of the picker. That bin is also perforated, allowing smaller rocks and dust to find their way out of your brass.

Any time saved on the front end when processing brass is vitally useful. Both functioned well on the concrete bays and turned what would’ve been tedious, arduous work in need of a good chiropractor after to smooth and painless effort. For the next CanCon, they even have a 36” draggable version.

AmmoUp even offers handy additions to your push picker, like a wall side sweeper to get corners and weight attachments to stabilize and allow a push picker to pick up more consistently. These two additions will be uniquely useful on indoor ranges. Like all brass pickers, be aware that they tend to pick up small rocks.

When picking up the volume of brass CanCon produced, that is a small price in the grand scheme. If you find the process of brass collection getting harder and harder as the days go on, or if you just want to take care of the task more efficiently, AmmoUp’s offerings could warrant your dollars.

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