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Another Few Shades of Gray

Among the news from Grayguns in 2019 is that the NRA Annual Meeting is something of a home game for the expanding company.

“Grayguns East,” in the northern suburbs of Indianapolis, is the new customer service and order fulfillment center for the longtime custom house, which features an ever-expanding catalog of performance parts and accessories for a growing number of handguns.

Making its official debut on the show floor at NRAAM this year is a maxed-out carry version of the Sig Sauer P365 subcompact ten-shooter. Nicknamed the “Rolatini” by Grayguns COO Michael Grasso as a wink & nod to the well-known “Roland Special” suite of modifications to the Glock 19, the new Grayguns 365 setup features a number of performance enhancements.

The most obvious mod is the MRDS-cut slide, fitted with a Shield Optics RMS 4-MOA red dot. The dot is backed up with a set of suppressor-height night sights, in case the optic takes a dump at an inopportune time.

The threaded True Precision barrel is fitted with a proprietary compensator to cut down on muzzle flip, theoretically aiding in rapid reacquisition of the dot for follow-up shots. Assisting in the same goal is the “Grayscale” texturing job done on the polymer frame. Not as harsh on clothing as traditional stippling, the laser-etched texture still manages to improve grip over the standard factory texture.

Finishing the package is the Grayguns P365 straight trigger, and the entire package disappears neatly in a dedicated Grayguns AIWB holster, a collaboration between Grayguns, PHLster, and Henry Holsters. The holster is long enough to accommodate the comp and cut to clear the MRDS.

Also making its public debut at NRAAM was an X-Carry frame that had been cut to clearance a P320 thumb safety and then coated to match a Sig Sauer M17 slide, before having the distinctive Grayscale texturing performed. The result of lasering the frame after coating was a kinda groovy-looking two-tone effect.


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