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Applied Ballistics Mobile iPhone App

A point mass ballistic solver is now available for your iPhone and other Apple devices with an iOS App from Applied Ballistics. As a follow up to their Android version, the App will provide long range trajectories at your finger tips. It integrates the ballistic coefficients for over 1,300 rounds of ammunition as developed by former missile design engineer Brian Litz, President of Applied Ballistics, LLC. Single shot and multi-shot solutions are provided with a HUD or Reticle view, table, and graph.

Applied Ballistics iPod Ballistic Calculator

As the shooter you will be able to enter drop-at range along with a wide range of variables. Those are based on type of firearm, scope, ammunition and environmental conditions. The app will calibrate the shot based on muzzle velocity and drop-scaling to determine location of impact. Atmospherics can be directly imputed from a Kestrel via Bluetooth The Applied Ballistics Mobile App is available for $29.99 at iTunes and will allow you to store a library of ammunition and rifles utilized. The video below provides a tutorial on utilizing the app and entering variables utilizing the original Android App, which carries over to the new iOS version.


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