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AR-15 Mag Magnet Gen2

MAG Magnet has released the second generation of their polymer button that magnetically attaches to a Bullet Button for out-of-state use on California legal AR-15's. Mag Magnet Gen2 uses the new and improved N52 magnet for the strongest hold, 1.3 lb stronger than the original, using Neodymium magnets. Mag Magnet is a patent pending product that is magnetized and is used with standard bullet button for California legal AR-15's.

The Mag Magnet is not permanent, is easily removed, and requires no modifications to your Bullet Button equipped firearm. The Mag Magnet should never be left on your AR Rifle while inside of California. This item is best used when traveling outside of California for temporary use of your bullet button as a standard mag release and then removed when re-entering California to adhere to the mandatory fixed magazine situation. Use in California, if left on gun, constitutes an illegal Assault Weapon situation and should be avoided. The AR Mag Magnet includes a convenient storage pin to store the Mag Magnet when not in use.The Mag Magnet is avalible in black, red, green or blue for $22 HERE.

The mag magnet can be installed and left on your firearm if it is:
– a rimfire, most commonly .22LR
– a featureless build with no other features such as a pistol grip, flash suppressor, vertical fore grip, flare or grenade launcher, collapsible or folding stock, or thumbhole stock.
– outside the state of California
– an “assault weapon” registered with the CA DOJ.

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