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Area 419 GripChanger Stability Bag

Area 419's new GripChanger bag is another interesting collaboration with the Armageddon Gear guys. It's a candy bar-shaped shooting bag that connects to an Arca-style rail using Area 419's ARCALOCK Clamp and the RailChanger arm we first saw on its RailChanger bag setup.

The simple, rectangular bag features Armageddon Gear's sticky, rubber-like fabric and a light fill that creates a formidable anti-slip combination for shooting from barricades and other horizontal-ish surfaces.

When you need to build a shooting position quickly, and when don't you need to build a shooting position quickly, having a shooting bag attached to the fore end saves valuable seconds otherwise spent sliding the bag and rifle into position. The biggest benefit of this kind of setup is realized when moving quickly between a bunch of shooting ports, which is a common killer of points in PRS-style shooting competitions. And, with the bag attached to the rifle, there's no chance of dropping your stability bag.

The fill on the GripChanger provides a good amount of surface conformity, and while it may not completely replace the use of something like a GameChanger bag, it's certainly a smaller, more maneuverable alternative.

Area 419 priced the bag itself at $50, and those without a RailChanger setup will need to buy the kit that includes an ARCALOCK and RailChanger arm setup. No price is available for the full kit at the moment.

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