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Ares Armor 80% Anodized Lowers

Ares Armor is pretty famous (or infamous, depending on who you ask) for their 80% lower offerings. Historically, one of their more popular items is an 80% lower that's been pre-anodized. While hard anodizing is normally completed after all machine processes have been completed, there are some home builders that prefer it be done first for whatever reason. If you're in the latter category, this one is for you. As to why? Because America–that's why (but seriously, these can be neat projects).

Ares Armor currently has (4) versions of these available: two different 7075 billet 5.56 lowers (one normal and one ‘enhanced'), a billet 7.62N lower, and the traditional forged AR lower.





Prices range from $77.95 for the basic 7075 5.56 billet to $140 for the signature billet receiver. To purchase or for more information, head on over to Ares Armor

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