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Ares Gear Belts Shipping NOW

Do you want a Ranger belt and want it now? Need one in time for Father's Day? Ares Gear has three Ranger belt combinations loaded on their “Immediate Gratification” list. According to the manufacturer, these ship the day immediately following when your order is placed. That means you still have time got get one shipped to you in time for the 9TH. Ares Ranger Belts (their original design) have a proven track record and an excellent reputation dating back to their introduction in 2004. They are sewn of 1″ webbing stitched to double layers of 1.5″ scuba webbing longitudinally with a Cobra QR buckle. If you want a different belt or a different color scheme you can of course order one, but the backlog remains lengthy due to demand. The Immediate Gratification list belts are all currently in stock. Order here.

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