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Arisaka Defense Optic Leveler

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Sometimes you buy a tool to work on a rifle that you don't really need. However sometimes a tool makes such an impact on the way you do things that it gets a permanent spot in your range bag. The Arisaka Defense Optic Leveler is just such a tool.


Previously when I wanted to install a new scope on my rifles it was a painful process. I had to get my rifle vice, a level, plumb-bob, and all the tools to torque down the rings. I would set up the rifle in a vice and sit a level on the Picattiny rail and carefully adjust the rifle vice. I would sit going back and forth with bits of paper stuffing them under the vice to ensure everything is level. I would then go and look through the scope and figure out where to hang the plumb-bob. It would take a few minutes but I would eventually get the plumb-bob's cord in line with the reticle. Then I would adjust the scope and torque things down.


Enter the Optic Leveler. The Leveler consists of two parts a base and a wedge. The base has a 11 degree slot cut into it and the wedge is a right triangle with a you guessed it 11 degree angle side. The base is shaped like a L and sits on the mount or the rail of your rifle. The wedge is then inserted into the slot and rides up until it contacts the bottom of the turret cluster. This only works for scopes with a flat on the bottom of the cluster. It also only works with good scopes where the reticle is in line with the flats on the cluster. As you push it under the mount the flat on the top of the wedge will cam the cluster until its parallel to the top of the wedge. You just keep it in there and carefully torque down all your screws.

This was such a painfully simple process I was astounded. This Leveler does share a very similar design with another great company, Spuhr. The difference in the two is Spuhr's only works with their mounts and picattiny rails. It has a slot that sits in the mount or in the cut-outs on the rails. So on certain one piece mounts or rails with no slots in the middle this would not function properly.

I have installed several scopes now and hope to never go back to the old method. I prefer to spend less time painstakingly setting things up and more time painstakingly dialing in the scope while shooting.  For a retail price of $25 it's cheaper then the plumb-bob I used to use not to mention all the other gear involved.  This will save you some cash so you can afford to buy a proper in-lb torque wrench like the one we mentioned in the AR tools article in the most recent addition of RECOIL.  Just to install those mounts and put a scope in it I had 12 bolts to torque total.

You can check out Arisaka Defense's other gear here  or their Facebook or Instagram. If you're looking for Spuhr's version or to check out their awesome mounts head on over to here or their Facebook , Instagram  or Twitter.

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