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Armageddon Gear Announces Exclusive Competition with $40,000 in Prize Money

Precision rifle competitions have undoubtedly grown over the past few years; this new match proves that point by inviting the Who's Who of long range shooting and offering up a huge cash prize. The always creative and always doing something different Armageddon Gear Founder, Tom Fuller, announced the first AG Cup just a few hours ago.

The company, in partnership with Shooting USA, uploaded a video to their Facebook page, which outlined the details of the event. The video was sent to 20 invitees who have won a two-day national-level long range competition. The winner will walk away with $20,000 in cash.

“I want to do this to highlight the skills of the best shooters in the country, but on a bigger stage, and to help the sport grow vertically,” said Fuller.

There is also more money to be won by each stage winner. For every stage, the stage-winning competitors will receive $1000; there's a total of 20 stages that will be shot during the competition. Invitees have been given instructions for RSVPing, if they don't accept, someone else will be invited in their place.

The first AG Cup will be held at Arena Training Facility in Blakely, Georgia on October 28th to 30th.

This event will be an expanded Shooting USA episode, which airs on MyOutdoorTV. If you're the betting type, standby because we'll post a breakdown of the AG Cup roster once it's released.

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