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Atlas Gunworks Perfect Feed 2011 Pistol Mags: First Look

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In the words of Mark Stevens of Atlas Gunworks, the relationship between competition shooters and 2011 magazines has been best described as abusive. In order to add just a little bit more capacity, and boost reliability, shooters have been willing to sacrifice slidestop lockback by swapping out followers and even having their mag bodies tuned. Further, these magazines typically cost a hefty sum and aren't always easy to come by. To solve that, Atlas Gunworks has officially launched its own 2011 Magazine.

As both competitors and firearm designs live and die by their magazines, we are often spoiled by just how well modern firearms manufacturing has improved this crucial component. However, when we're working with 2011's that already run the razor's edge between performance and tolerances, the magazines often suffer under the intense amount of use they receive.

Atlas Gunworks Magazine Logo

The only logo that matters to Atlas Gunworks.

Atlas Gunworks knows that replacing a 2011 magazine is not like swapping out Glock mags, but they are aiming to narrow the gap by bringing a magazine that works reliably at a lower cost than other options, and most importantly, can keep them in stock. It's no longer a game of “pick two” between functional, affordable, and available.

Now available, Atlas has deliberately set up their manufacturing of the magazine such that it should never be out of stock by July 2021, and here's to seeing it through.

atlas gunworks 2011 magazine basepad

Mark Stevens showed us the work and brought testamony to the Magazines' reliability at both smooth feeding, and consistent lockback.

The design included a few noteworthy features, and we went to the range with Mark Stevens of Atlas Gunworks to check them out. From the outside, the taper of the 2011 magazines, as well as the new spring translated into a mag that just worked, and continued to work. The new spring maintained constant pressure, producing a reliable lockback, so long as you weren't riding so high on the slide with your left hand as to hold it down: user error.

By opting for a stronger material for the follower, small but vital improvements can be made to maximize the contact area that engages the slide stop. While there is an option for Grams followers, the Atlas Perfect Feed 2011 Magazine is an argument to returning to having a functional slide lock, even on race guns.

Atlas Gunworks Artemis

The Atlas Gunworks Artemis is built on the principle of Perfect Zero.

Atlas does almost all the manufacturing themselves, with the exception of the base pad, gaining control over both quality and availability.

At the range, we were also able to get some time behind the Atlas Gunworks Artemis, a true competition pistol that makes hitting the A zone feel like cheating.

With the Magazines MSRP'ing at $99, they bring the benefit of tuned magazines, at a lower cost. While their 126mm and 140mm are available now, soon the Big Stick for open guns is coming down the pipeline. 

Atlas Gunworks has recently joined RECOILtv to showcase tips for competition shooting, and to show what's hot coming. More than just a high-end competition pistol maker, Atlas has taken an axe to the proverbial tree of high end 2011's by producing exceptional quality without the wait time. Here's their announcement of the new 2011 Perfect Feed Magazine: 

Check Out Atlas Gunworks:

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