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Small Business: Bad Company Tactical

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Bad Company Tactical isn't a new company nor as well known as some, but they do make some interesting gear — particularly the Rapid Retention System (R2S). The R2S allows the user to effectively “holster” a long gun in order to go hands-free. It's interchangeable, so you can move it from your AR to your AK to your FAL, and it's built to take a beating. Need to store a grenade launcher on your truck, jeep or ATV?

Bad Company Tactical Uitlity Adapter2

The R2S not the only interesting thing they have going, of course — the R2S Utility Adapter (seen below) is pretty awesome, for instance, and their Universal Fitted Trigger Guard, pistol adapter and Benavidez “chest rig” bandolier are worth a look as well.

Says BCT of the Utility Adapter,

“Here are a few photos of our Utility Adapter, the dovetail attaches to the tool and the tool stores into our baseplate. In this picture they are using the locking baseplate. The user can remove the locking mechanism and use it non-locking for one hand retrieval and storage. This also works great for any household tool; sledge hammers, bikes for wall storage, weedwackers [sic], ironing boards, etc.”


Bad Company Tactical Uitlity Adapter

Bad Company 3

BCT was founded by a former Green Beret vetrepreneur and is based in Texas. They were recently at SHOT Show and RUMINT says they've got some new gear coming out. We'll let you know what we hear.

Here’s the lowdown on the R2S we mentioned.

“The R2S is a two piece system that allows for standardized interchangeability through out the tactical and practical spectrum. The R2S is comprised of a Dovetail Adapter (Pistol, Universal, Utility, Motorola, and many more to come) and the Base Plate. It uses a time proven dovetail fitting with our patented application of both modularity and customization. The entire system is auto cad designed, precision machined, and made from the finest corrosion and uv resistant materials. The R2S also comes with a life time product warranty against manufacture's defects and durability.”

Bad Company 2

“We have loaded over 500lbs. into the system and have tested in excess of 130lbs on the pull weight. We have many models to choose from and its initial application has found use in a multitude of other applications as well. With both our hard and soft pouches being configured for use of our patented system or our 18 Series Holster line we will have locked in almost every application imaginable. Now you can go from a pistol, to rifle, to tool, to counter IED, to radio or electronic devices, to pouches, to holsters, to general equipment. Even the use of rapid interchangeable rucksacks will be used with our system. This will usher in a new era of modularity and standardization that has never existed.”


Bad Company 1

If you’d like to learn more about this small American business, you can check out their website here. They are on Facebook here.

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