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Barnes Long Range Ammunition and Components

Barnes Precision Match ammo and the Remington M2010 chambered in .300 Win Mag made impacts easy at 1,900 yards Photo Credit: Sean Utley

Since 1932, the Barnes name has been synonymous with accurate, quality bullets. Though it has changed names and ownership a few times, now landing under Remington Outdoor Company, it's still driven by the same passion for shooting and constant innovation that got it started way back when. Barnes runs an immaculate facility and takes great pride in making sure that every detail of every step of the process is up to par.


At Barnes, employees hand inspect, gage, and package the ammunition.

Whether you are an off-the-shelf kind of guy, or like to roll your own, Barnes has something for you when it comes to shooting long-range. For those who love the sound of ringing steel, Barnes offers their Precision Match line of ammunition. Precision Match rounds are loaded with a match grade Open Tip Match BT projectile, all with a high ballistic coefficient.

Consumers have the unique ability to scan the QR code on the back of the box to view Doppler radar generated drop tables which have been tailored to each load. Precision Match ammunition is available in 5.56 x 45mm (69 gr and 85 gr), 6MM Creedmoor (112 gr), 6.5 Creedmoor (150 gr), 260 Remington (140 gr) 308 Win (175 gr), 300 Win Mag (220 gr), and 338 Lapua Mag (300 gr).


220 gr OTM BT 300 Win Mag Precision Match

If you love to hunt and are sick for the distance, Barnes offers their hunting ammunition in a premium long range variety, the VOR-TX LR Rifle. Designed for putting those 700+ yard steaks on your dinner table,  the VOR-TX LR Rifle is loaded with LRX (Long Range Hunting) bullets, with a nose cavity that peels back into four petals, giving you more than enough expansion. These are available in 6MM Creedmoor (95 gr),  6.5 Creedmoor (127 gr), 270 Win (129 gr), 7MM Remington Mag (139 gr), 7MM Remington Ultra Mag (145 gr),300 Win Mag (190 gr), 300 Remington Ultra Mag (190 gr), 338 Remington Ultra Mag (250 gr), and 375 Remington Ultra Mag (270 gr).

For reloading junkies, Barnes has no shortage of long range components to offer you as well. For hunters, the LRX  bullets offer match grade accuracy alongside terminal performance to bring you clean kills at distance. The LRX bullet is available in 6MM(95 gr) , 6.5MM(127 gr), 270 cal(129 gr), 7MM(145 gr, 168 gr, and 175 gr), 30 cal(175 gr, 200 gr), 338 cal(250 gr), 338 Lapua( 265 gr or 280 gr), or 375 cal(270 gr).

For the weekend match-goers, Barnes offers their Match Burner bullets in a variety of calibers. Match Burners have a high ballistic coefficient and have capabilities that make them a good choice not just for precision rifle shooters, but also for everything from 3-gun to High Power to Precision Rifle. Match Burners are available in 22 cal ( 52 gr, 69 gr, and 85 gr), 6MM (68 gr, 105 gr, and 112 gr), 6.5MM (120 gr and 140 gr), 7MM (171 gr), and 30 cal (155 gr and 175 gr).


112 gr 6MM Match Burners

If you like to REALLY reach out and touch things, Barnes has a bullet for that, too. The TAC-LR is purpose-built for extreme long range shots, with high tolerances and a high ballistic coefficient. This projectile is offered in 750 gr 50 BMG at two different lengths: 2.352 and 2.58.

For more information about these and all of the other ammunition and components that Barnes has to offer, visit their website at

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