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Barrett Launches Fieldcraft Website, a Resource for Hunters

At RECOIL, we're avid hunters and understand how difficult it can be to navigate hunting laws and regulations. Barrett has filled a void with its new Barrett Fieldcraft website.

When you go to the site, there are two avenues of information. One option is to learn more about the Barrett Fieldcraft series of rifles. The other option is an interactive map to help direct you to state-specific hunt topics like:

  • Laws and regulations
  • Licenses and permits
  • Education and classes
  • Places to hunt

Without a resource like the Barrett Fieldcraft website, your fate is left to the google machine. It's easy to get lost in a black hole, deep within the interwebs, when all you're trying to do is get information to plan a hunt. I know– I've been there.

The other aspect of the website is to promote Barrett's line hunting rifles, the Fieldcraft. You could plan a hunt and pick out your next hunting rifle all on one website. Check out Iain Harrison's review of a Fieldcraft here.

The Fieldcraft family of rifles is built around the needs of hunters; they're lightweight, durable, and accurate. As Harrison says in the review, “We’d consider this rifle to be a “one and done” affair. You could buy it, hunt with it for the next 30 years, and not ever feel like you’d need to upgrade.”

To us, the Barrett Fieldcraft website is an invaluable resource that we'll be using on a regular basis.


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