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BCB International FireDragon

First God created man, then he created animals. Man figured out those animals were tasty and created tools to kill them. Fire proved to be a difficult tool on occasion, so man has figuring out ways to perfect it ever since.  BCB International has released a new ethanol based fire starter you might be interested in, whether you enjoy the charred flesh of something that once had a parent or just enjoy the occasional bonfire.  They claim that it's easy to light and will start a fire in any weather.  Since it’s made from solidified ethanol, FireDragon has the dual advantage of sanitizing your hands before you settle down to eat. Read more of what they have to say below.

BCB International FireDragon

Introducing our new all-weather gel biofuel derived from FireDragon Solid fuel technology. Made from UK sourced ethanol, FireDragon Gel Fuel can be used in multi-fuel outdoor cooking stoves, and barbecues, as well as home fires.

BCB Firedragon package

■ Ideal in the outdoors to cook your rations and boil your brews quickly, safeguard your health, while protecting the environment (Eco-friendly).

■ Our fuel is non-toxic, non-drip and made from 100% natural ingredients.

■ It is easy to light, burns cleanly and our research shows that it boils quicker than most other non-gas fuels.

Fire dragon in action

■ In the driving rain, the freezing Arctic, at high altitudes or searing heat, FireDragon will perform in the most extreme conditions.

For more information visit their website.

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