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Beast – updates from Triple Aught

Triple Aught Design is rarely able to keep their gear in stock for long, and some things are available only for short periods.  When the colder weather hits, its time for both favorite items and new kit to make its arrival.  We just received word the Shagmaster hoodie is being released in a ton of colors this year (which is pretty cool), and that Intercept pants are back on the shelves.



The fluffy exterior allows you to unleash your wild side (a lá Maurice Sendak?) while still being stylish.  The design isn’t too heavy for use as a solo layer in warmer weather because it breathes very well; wear it under a shell and it’s awesome for when the mercury drops.  The fur holds a lot of extra air making for a great insulator.

The other new release from Triple Aught Design is their Intercept PD Pant.  These have proven to be one of Triple Aught’s most popular pieces of apparel in the past. They were esigned to blend in and look like any other pair of nice jeans out there but still provide some sneaky features, and they do it very well.

Hidden pockets on the yoke of the pants allow a spare magazine or other items to be concealed comfortably even when sitting.

The front pockets include a smaller interior pocket which is great for holding pens much like this one that they recently released.

The design is sleek, with no random billowy cargo pockets.

You can find more Triple Aught Design goodness here,  or check them out on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.  We recommend hurrying if you want to snap any of these up. History tells us they’ll go very fast.

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