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Before SHOT: Magpul Tejas Gun Belt

We've come a long way from the belts of the 1990's, and just as Constitutional Carry continues to spread across the country, so new gun owners will be helped through the learning phases. Magpul is now adding to the list of belt options for gear that carries the weight.

Here are the Details:

magpul tejas belt cibolo

Tejas Gun Belt -“El Cibolo” in Black, Chocolate. $119.95

3-ply belt made of 100% American bison hide, reinforced with North American bull hide, and backed by a supporting, flexible, reinforced polymer layer. Beautiful shrunken grain American bison that is extremely durable, pliable, and features a natural, distressed look.

Magpul Tejas Gun Belt –"El Delgado”

Tejas Gun Belt –”El Delgado” in Black, Chocolate. $89.95 

A thinner biothane backing keeps the belt sturdy, is more pliable in initial wear, and allows the belt to keep its original shape over its lifetime.

Tejas Gun Belt –"El Delgado”

Tejas Gun Belt-“El Pistolero“ in Black, Chocolate, Light Brown. $114.95 

Decorative stitching throughout the length of the belt for added style.

magpul Tejas Gun Belt –"El Delgado”

Other Features

1-1/2” wide and 1/4” thick to fit most belt loops and holsters.

Dress belt comfort offers stretch and sag-free performance, but is supportive enough to carry your pistol.

Removable buckle with branded “tool-free” fasteners and brushed antique silver finish.

Sleek profile buckle design that sits flat against the waist and helps reduce printing when carrying.

Made in Texas

magpul belts 2022


SIZES: 32-46(even sizes)


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