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Ben Stoeger & Frank Proctor T&E the ultimate Hi-Point

I've been a fan of Assailant Arms for years. Their work on the accurized, jumpable Iranian .50 Shaher was nothing short of astonishing. I haven't seen anything that cool since Frank Grippe broke Mohammad Ali Jafari's wrist in an arm-wrestling contest.  Ultimate Hi Point - Dynamic Pie Concepts RECOILweb-2

In any case, Dynamic Pie Concepts has once again done yeoman work when it comes to analyzing a firearm and associated gunslingery. Their ultimate combat Hi-Point (which ships with a standard unobtainium coating) features a 0.8 lb trigger pull that has just 1mm of travel. This may just change your choice of EDC.

Ultimate Hi Point - Dynamic Pie Concepts RECOILweb

Rumors the 160TH SOAR, Freedom OK Police Dept. and NCS have gone to the Assailant Arms Hi-Point as an issued weapon cannot be confirmed at this time.



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