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Best Bang for Your Buck – Pistols under $500

The Washington Times recently published a somewhat simplistic op-ed wherein they list a series of pistols they allege are the “best bang for your buck.” It's interesting to scroll though, although from what I can see in the commentary whomever compiled the list has either never pulled the trigger on a real handgun or carries a Lorcin in a shoulder holster by preference.

#6 of 18 is the Micro Desert Eagle from Magnum Research, Inc., because it “…provides big-time protection with a gas-assisted blowback system for ultimate reliability and amazing accuracy for around $400.”

#16 of 18 is a Diamondback DB9, which was “…designed with safety in mind.”

There are some decent firearms on that list but the explanations are pretty anemic — maybe even banal. I'm not sure what's more irritating; all the pop-up ads, the fact that the article is basically click-bait or the fact that I actually took the time to click through the whole thing.

Regardless, I'm sharing my pain. The article/pictorial is right here.

What would be on there if you had written it?


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