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Best Biometric Safes: Fast Finger Access Action

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A perfect option for quick access safe, biometric safes require no gross motor skills to use, no pins to remember, and no keys to fumble with. Just press your finger to the scanner and get your gun.

Vaultek safe
Vaultek safe

There are a lot of options on the market these days but sorting the best from the rest takes some effort. Here are the best biometric safes we’ve used.


Biometric safes are fairly new to the safe world, but the tech is fairly simple. Basically, a biometric safe has a reader that scans your hand or thumb and converts your fingerprint into a numerical code.

The code is stored and whitelisted as an authorized user.

Image via Bayometric


Most biometric safes can store 10-20 fingerprints, so it’s easy to store all of your digits and/or store the digits of a few family members.


Kind of — but mostly yes. There are some steps that you should take to make sure it stays reliable.

The electronics that control a biometric safe are as reliable as you’re willing to pay for. Cheap safes are cheap and the electronics can be questionable. More money normally means higher quality and a more robust system.

That said, even cheap systems are pretty reliable.


Yes, but also no.

Let’s say you only set your safe to recognize one fingerprint but then you cut that finger. The cut is going to change what your fingerprint looks like, so the safe won’t be able to recognize it. This will prevent access to the safe since you only set the 1 fingerprint.

Thankfully, this is why safes come with backup keys.

Once your finger heals and you’re left with a scar that the chicks dig you can reset the safe to store your new fingerprint. While it’s a different fingerprint, it is still unique to you.

All of this is a kind of unlikely set of occurrences, but not impossible. Head it off at the pass by adding more than 1 fingerprint to your safe.


GunVault SVB500

For a quick access biometric pistol safe this is pretty close to the top of our all-time list. It has some downsides, but it’s a great unit.

Able to store 20 fingerprints and equipped with a keyed backup, the GunVault SVB5000 is pretty simple in its design. It has a lot of hardware mounting points so you can secure it almost anywhere you can screw into.

GunVault SVB500 hidden gun safe
GunVault SVB500

What we like about it is how your pistol drops out. Give it a few tries and it’s easy to swipe your fingerprint and quickly grasp your firearm in a strong master grip for the draw.

In terms of speed and ease of use, this kicks ass.

The downsides are annoying but entirely acceptable, to us. First, the internal size of the GunVault is a little small and frankly outdated. G19 or G17-sized pistols will fit well, but if you have anything added to your stock pistol you might run into issues. Lights don’t really fit, RMRs kind of fit, and both on G19 will absolutely not fit.

This isn’t really a “safe”, this is a souped-up firearm locker. No fireproofing, no environmental control.

That said, for what it does, it does it well and that’s what really counts.

Vaultek VTi

Technology doesn’t make everything better, but it does make it cooler at least.

A simple lockbox with a whole lot of technology packed into it, Vaultek VTi has a host of features to take advantage of.

Vaultek VTi small gun safe
Vaultek VTi

5 methods of access might be a little overkill, but it gives you loads of options. Numeric keypad, biometric scanner, nano key (RFID connected biometric), and your smartphone/bluetooth app — plus backup keys.

The app also lets you manage and set biometrics easier and keeps a log of when/if your safe is opened or moved. If you’re worried about people messing with your stuff when you’re not around, this is a great way to keep tabs on things.

The VTi is large enough for a full-sized handgun plus some mags or a mag and a flashlight or some other combo of tools. Great for keeping bedside or deskside.

Barska HQ200

Do you have a large family? Do you have an abnormal number of fingers? Well, you’re in luck because the Barska HQ200 can store up to 120 fingerprints.

Joking aside, that might be overkill but hey — it’s a feature. If 120 fingerprints isn’t enough, this is also equipped with a keypad and backup keys so you’ll have plenty of options for opening your safe.

Barska HQ200 biometric safe

Other than a comical number of fingerprints, the Barska HQ200 is great if you want to store a little more than what can fit in some of the smaller safes.

Large enough for a full-sized handgun, mags, flashlight, maybe some valuables or ear protection, this gives you a bit more room for keeping things safe and in one place.

Awesafe Gun Safe

While this safe makes our list, I’m not a huge fan of it. First, their name is stupid. But more importantly, nothing about this safe feels like it has outlandish durability. It works, but I’m not sure it will stay working for years and years to come as other safes will.

Awesafe biometric safe

That said, the reason we like the Awesafe is because it is really budget-friendly and it does work.

For about half the price of the other options, this little safe is large enough for full-sized handguns, stores 30 fingerprints, a keypad code, and has a backup key.

You’re getting a lot for what you’re spending and if you’re trying to be responsible on a budget, this is a perfect solution. 

Vaultek RS500i

This is hands-down our favorite biometric rifle safe, but it’s not cheap. The RS500i takes the technology that Vaultek is known for and dials it up even higher.

Equipped with a biometric scanner that stores up to 20 fingerprints this safe also has a keypad and backup keys.

Vaultek RS500i biometric gun safe
Vaultek RS500i

Long and tall this safe is designed for holding rifles and fitting multiple full-kitted out AR-15s is easy, we have stored 4 rifles complete with optics, a magazine, and more.

What really sets this apart from the others is the app and the WiFi-enabled sensories.

From environmental and fire alerts to live alerts if your safe is tampered with, all of this and a lot more are accessed through the Vaultek app on your smartphone.

The inside is also super customizable giving you almost unlimited options in how you store and stack everything.

While this safe is a little on the small side if you’re trying to store a collection, this is perfect for a few rifles and handguns that you want quick access to.

Browning M49 Gun Safe

A true and proper safe complete with fireproofing, the SBrowning M49 Gun Safe is a great option for storing a true collection of firearms.

Browning M49 biometric safe
Browning M49

Basically, this is a Browning M49 but with an optional biometric lock option installed. The upgraded lock adds a little more cost to the safe, but when you’re spending over $6,000 it isn’t bad.

This is a beast of a safe weighing in at over 1,000 lbs and offers 40 cubic feet of storage space.

Made of 10 gauge steel with 18 active locking bolts and a fire rating of 110 minutes at 1,700F, this is a big boy safe.

Browning is known for making some great gun safes that are trusted by shooters and gun stores across the nation. If you need something BIG that you can trust, we strongly recommend the Browning M49.


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