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Best of NRAAM: We Award the Best and Most Interesting of the NRA Meeting

At the 2019 NRA Annual Meeting (NRAAM) in Indianapolis, we presented awards for the best or most interesting new products we saw at the show. Since all of these products are brand-new, these awards shouldn’t be construed as endorsements — though as we get some time with them in the future that may well change.

We decided upon four awards: Best of Show, Best Firearm, Best Accessory, and Honorable Mention.

Like all of our awards, these were alcohol-based. Imagine that! LEO Armory came through for us again and provided our trophies — custom laser-engraved pint glasses. But what good is a pint glass if you don’t have anything to put in it? We made a trek to a local Indianapolis brewery, Big Lug, for the liquid fillers.

Best of Show received a full growler, while Best Firearm and Best Accessory received a premium six-pack. As for Honorable Mention? They received a sixer of the once-Blue-Ribbon-awarded PBR tallboys.


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