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Best Range Bags: Never Forget Your Gear Again [2023]

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Like many hobbies, once you start shooting, you quickly begin acquiring all kinds of accessories and gear. We love it, but when you want to go to the range, you need a way to tote your stuff back and forth.

Sure, you don’t need to bring all your stuff, but there’s plenty that you do want to take, like ammo, eye and ear protection, and, of course, your actual firearms. Then there are other nice-to-have but nonessential items, like brass catchers, spare magazines, shot timers, and more. 

That’s where a good range bag comes in. Yeah, you could use just any old bag, but having one specifically designed for the job can be a huge advantage, with all kinds of nooks and crannies created precisely for shooting items. 

Every shooter’s needs are a bit different, so to help you find the perfect bag for you, I threw together this list of my favorite range bags. 


5.11 Tactical Range Ready

My first recommendation is the 5.11 Tactical Range Ready bag because it’s a moderately sized bag with plenty of little compartments for keeping your gear organized.

To start, this 43-liter bag has an interior compartment that measures 9x18x10”. Inside that compartment is a removable 6x16x7” ammo tote and a removable brass bag, though both could obviously be used for things other than ammo and brass if you prefer. The tote also has two removable dividers. All of this can be accessed easily thanks to the flap-style top.

There are also five exterior pockets. 

One, which measures 8.5×15.5×2.5”, stretches across the bag of the bag and contains 8 pistol mag pockets that can fit either two single-stack magazines or one double-stack magazine. Behind these magazine pockets is a pistol pocket. When totally unzipped, the front of this exterior pocket can lay flat, so it can be used as a cleaning surface.

The other four pockets all measure 8.5×7.5×2.5”. One is on each side of the bag, then the remaining two are on the front. These pockets are perfect for storing smaller items like ammo or eye and ear protection. There’s also a water bottle pocket next to the left side pocket and an ID window on the exterior of the right side pocket. 

All of this adds up to a bag that measures 24x16x10 inches, so it is pretty large, but not outrageously so. It’s made of 600 denier polyester for durability and has rubberized feet to protect the bottom of the bag. For carrying, there are reinforced, attachable hand straps and a removable padded shoulder straps.

It comes in either Sandstone (FDE) or Black.

5.11 Tactical Range Master Duffel

Next is another great option from 5.11 Tactical, the Range Master Duffel. If the Range Ready bag still isn’t big enough for you, the Range Master Duffel may suit you better. 

It’s far from cheap, but it’s incredibly well made and provides plenty of room for everything you could possibly want to bring to the range, so I definitely think it’s worth investing in if you’re more of a range maximalist. 

The interior of the bag is very spacious, with a 47-liter capacity. There are elastic bands to hold a 5.11 Single Pistol Case and room for small and medium Range Master Pouches, all three of which are included. These pouches make it easy to organize and pack your bag, and since they’re removable, they make it easy to unpack your bag at the range while still keeping your gear neat. 

The bag’s lid opens to allow easy access to the entire interior of the bag and also provides internal mesh pockets, web MOLLE, and elastic bands for additional item storage. 

The Range Master Duffel doesn’t have exterior pockets like the Range Ready bag, but it has plenty of MOLLE webbing on the exterior, so you can add whatever pouches and bags you’d like, ultimately giving you way more customizability. 

With exterior measurements of 11.5×21.5×11.5”, the Range Master Duffel may be larger than some shooters want, especially once you start adding pouches to the exterior, but you’ll be spoiled enough by all the storage space that you may find this range bag worth it anyway. The compression straps are also handy for reducing the size of the bag.

Like the Range Ready bag, this one is made from 500 denier nylon, but it’s also padded to protect your gear. You can carry it around with either the hand carry handles or the removable shoulder strap.

Eberlestock R1 Bang-Bang

The Eberlestock R1 Bang-Bang is a little bit smaller than the Range Master Duffle, but it divides up the storage more, with a central compartment, two large side pockets, a flat front pocket, and a hard-sided basement compartment. 

The central compartment contains several repositionable padded dividers to help you sort out your gear inside, making it easy to keep optics, ammo, hearing protection and more neatly organized. The lid completely zips to the side, making it easy to access the entire compartment, and it also has a mesh pocket. 

The side pockets are more spacious than those on most bags. They feature their own internal pockets for storing small items like pens, knives, and pistol mags, but the main part of the pockets is plenty big enough for ear muffs or ammo boxes. The front pocket is flat, but perfect for storing paper targets and other thin items.

The basement compartment is primarily made up of a hard polycarbonate shell that helps the bag keep its shape while also protecting it from dirt and water on the ground. If it gets dirty, all you have to do is wipe it down with a damp cloth. It’s shallow but large enough to fit a shooting mat, pistol cases, or even a small rifle, but Eberlestock also makes a foam insert that you can custom cut for safely storing pistols and/or magazines. 

The exterior of the bag has several MOLLE panels for strapping on other items or adding pouches for even more storage. The compression straps are great for reducing the bag’s overall size but also allow you to attach things to the outside of the bag, such as a tripod.

Again, the bag can be carried with the handle or with the shoulder strap. 

Savior Equipment Specialist Range Bag

The Savior Equipment Specialist Range Bag is perfect for pistol shooters.

It comes with three cushioned pistol sleeves, each individually lockable and each with a writable ID patch so you can tell at a glance which pistol is in which sleeve. 

They fit perfectly into the main compartment with room to spare for other items like eye and ear protection. An adjustable center divider keeps the pistol sleeves in place while also maximizing the amount of room for your other gear. For a second layer of protection, the compartment zipper also locks closed. 

The bag has a rigid EVA frame and PVC shell to help it keep its shape and protect the contents during transit. 

The front pocket has a removable magazine panel with six slots and is also lockable. There’s a mesh pocket inside the front pocket for storing other small items you want to keep safe. The side pockets are perfect for small items you’re less concerned about or want to be able to access quickly, like a first aid kit. 

For carrying, there are hand straps and an oversized shoulder strap. 

Gunmate Range Bag

If you’re looking for an affordable and compact option, then the Gunmate Range Bag is a great option. The bag itself measures just 16x8x17 inches, so it has just enough room for a few pistols, plus ammo, earpro, and safety glasses, plus a few other sundries. 

Of course, you can also use it to transport more ammo or loaded rifle mags, and you can reconfigure the large interior section with the included velcro dividers, or add dividers or velcro organizational panels of your own to customize things how you like it.

The side pockets have removable internal pistol rugs, two in each compartment, and feature lockable zippers on the outside so that you can keep your guns a little more protected from unauthorized access at the range, which is great for a little added security.

You can also yank those pistol rugs out and just use the space for ammo, tool, or magazine storage, depending on your needs. There’s plenty of room for a bore snake or simple cleaning kit as well.

Lastly, the bag has an adjustable shoulder strap, as well as a pretty comfy carry, handle, so lugging it back and forth at the range isn’t too much of a hassle even when you’ve got 30 lbs of stuff crammed into it.


There you have it, our top picks for the best range bags. 

Any of these can be a great choice, but the right one for you depends on your range style. If you're more of a range minimalist, you might like Gunmate Range Bag. On the other hand, if you take everything and the kitchen sink to the range, the 5.11 Tactical Range Master Duffle might be better options for you. 

The Eberlestock R1 Bang-Bang is particularly good for rifle shooters, since it has room for a rifle in the basement compartment and a rolled-up mat can easily be strapped to the outside with the compression straps, while the Savior Equipment Specialist Series Tactical Triple Pistol is perfect for those who want to bring several pistols to the range with them. 

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