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The BioLite Energy Kit

BioLite makes those fancy little wood burning stoves that use a fan to cut down the smoke considerably. They previously released a small pack portable CampStove and more recently the BaseCamp to boil your water and cook your food, and both are nice. These guys feature a thermoelectric generator that uses the heat of the fire to generate electricity. The two previous mentioned models also had the ability to charge your USB compatible objects with the excess energy produced. More recently they have expanded their offerings to include lights and solar panels (which seems like a logical step and is a helpful upgrade).

Turns out they also have a new trimmed down version of the CampStove called the CookStove. The BioLite Cookstove doesn't generate its own electricity, but it can store it for loads of fires via USB and internal battery. Looks like there will be a new bundle coming out this month that includes a CookStove, SolarPanel and PowerLight Mini. This should cover most of your power, cooking and lighting needs when out on the trail. They sent us the following information about the BioLite Energy Kit to pass along.


The CookStove is made to burn small items that get tossed in the top.

In 2012, BioLite changed the face of off-grid adventures when it launched the CampStove, an innovative stove that make cooking with wood as clean safe and easy as modern fuels, while also providing electricity to charge cell phones and other devices.

For Spring 2016, the Brooklyn-based company is launching a complete energy collection that lets people do more with less, providing a full cooking, charging and lighting experience for life outside. Because when you look at energy holistically, you can create smarter, streamlined products that work together to cook, light and charge.

Debuting in February, this trifecta of products includes the PowerLight Mini, Solar Panel 5+ and CookStove. Together, they create a seamless and intuitive personal energy system.


The SolarPanel has a unique targeting system to ensure you have the sun perfectly aimed at the panel for max power generation

You can expect to see a review on these new products later this year. We currently use a BaseCamp and have sold off our charcoal BBQ because we prefer to use it so we are excited for these latest additions. You can check out BioLite on Facebook or Instagram.

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