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Bipod Assembly and Upgrade Kit by ZRODelta


ZRODelta is pleased to announce the release and full production of the DLOC-SS Bipod Assembly and the DLOC-SS Upgrade Kit for Harris-S style bipods on the market. This new DLOC-SS Upgrade Kit gives millions of existing bipod owners a cost-effective way to add the quick-detach, panning and canting functionality of the complete DLOC-SS bipod assembly.

The DLOC-SS Bipod Assembly comes complete with the heavy duty Aimtech Warhammer, 6-9” notch leg bipod and ready for immediate use. The DLOC-SS mounts use the patented DLOC QD mechanism which allows single hand manipulation for quick and robust mounting to any 1913 Picatinny rail segment. The DLOC-SS also includes panning and canting features, allowing users to effectively use their bipod on the uneven surfaces found in the field environment. The DLOC-SS makes smooth target transitions over a full field of fire on uneven terrain possible.

ZRODelta bipod kit 1 ZRODelta bipod kit Feature

The DLOC-SS Upgrade Kit replaces OEM mounting equipment for Harris-S style bipods. The DLOC-SS Upgrade Kit will give your Harris-S style bipod the same quick detach, panning, and canting functionality of the DLOC-SS Bipod Assembly. The DLOC-SS Upgrade Kit also includes the SARG Knob (Shooter Adjustable Rotary Grip), which gives the user the ability to easily adjust tension on the canting function of the bipod.


  • DLOC system utilizes multiple engagement points with three (3) recoil lugs
  • Heavy duty springs for solid retention and one-handed manipulation
  • Assembly includes the heavy duty Aimtech Warhammer Bipod
  • Mounts to any standard M1913 Picatinny rail
  • Kit fits any standard Harris-S Style Bipod
  • Kit adds QD, Panning, and Canting functionality to your Bipod
  • Kit includes S.A.R.G Knob. (Shooter Adjustable Rotary Grip)
    • Anodized anti-reflective coating standard

ZRODelta bipod kit 3 ZRODelta bipod kit 4

DLOC-SS Bipod Assembly MSRP $269.

DLOC-SS Upgrade Kit MSRP $189.

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