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BLADE-TECH Industries 2012 Holster Sweepstakes

BLADE-TECH Industries has a sweepstakes happening from now until 8:00pm PST October 31, 2012 where they will be giving away a OWB Holster and Tactical Thigh Holster. To enter go to, like the page and you will see the sweepstakes entry form.

For official rules on how to enter click HERE.

3 responses to “BLADE-TECH Industries 2012 Holster Sweepstakes”

  1. lisa douglas says:

    regarding recoil issue4 MP7 article– stand strong- everyone makes mistakes- everyone is entitled to their opinion and I say to all those who have joined the witchhunt–if you don’t like it -don’t buy it!! but they will- because everyone likes drama! do hope this mag will continue with more issues.

  2. Brian says:

    It sucks that you have to be on FACE book to enter. Not all are on FACE book and have no reason to be on.

  3. Skyler Jones says:

    I am going to be canceling my subscription soon if there isn’t going to be anymore issues! I get charged twice a month and I haven’t seen a new issue since August! When week the newest issue be released?

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