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Sometimes we overlook the simple solution so much that when it presents itself, it seems revolutionary.  Blitzkrieg Components, LLC’s chevron front sight post (FSP) is just such a thing.

For anyone who has spent any time aiming through a set of AR iron sights, you’ll be familiar with what a desirable sight picture is – center the rectangular post in the middle of the rear aperture, align the flat of the post with the horizontal halfway point of the circle, respiratory pause, and a smooth trigger press to the rear.  Anyone with a little experience will also be familiar with how much of a target gets covered by the FSP the farther out the intended target is.  That tiny FSP seems a lot bigger when shooting out past 100 yards.

Anyone with a lot of time on the trigger will also know the Sharpie marker trick of blacking out the wear marks on a standard FSP so that the sunlight doesn’t glint off of the worn down corners of the FSP.

Blitzkrieg Components, LLC has addressed these issues with a simple, effective solution – a chevron FSP.  A FSP with a chevron design naturally draws the user’s eyes to the tip of the chevron.  I liken it to a 6 moa red dot in contrast to a 2 moa red dot.  Sure, both will get you on target accurately, but the user can really dial it in with the 2 moa accuracy.  The chevron affords the user a much more precise aiming point.  That, in conjunction with the high-contrast paint the Blitzkrieg FSP comes with, draws the users’ eye immediately and naturally to the apex of the FSP for very rapid sight picture acquisition, and a much more precise sight picture.

Blitzkreig in use

I first tested the Blitzkrieg on my Plain Jane A2 carry handle AR with a fixed FSB (14.7” 1:7 LW barrel) using off-the-shelf Federal American Eagle .223 55gr FMJ.  With a cold bore on a mid-30 degree windy day, I shot a 1.50” 5 shot group at a 1 shot per 3 second cadence from the 50 yard bench.  Granted, that’s not going to get me into the Olympics or a pat on the back from anyone else other than my range buddies, but for me, as an average non-military trained rifle user, it was pretty darn good for a shivery cold day, and better than I would have done with a standard FSP.  Even at 50 yards, being able to focus on the tip of the chevron vs a flatter, wider standard FSP made a big difference.

Blitzkreig Components Chevron Front Sight Post


Regardless of the lighting conditions – dark to light, light to dark, direct sunlight, complete darkness with backlight illumination and so on, the chevron FSP excels in any condition.  Again, this product is superior in its simplicity.

Blitzkrieg Components, LLC offers a chevron model with a high-contrast painted strip on it (the one I T & E’d) and a solid black version, which I haven’t had the opportunity to use.  The paint is not luminescent, but the contrast and bright white does a great job drawing the eye to the tip of the chevron.  I have since retrofitted all of my long guns with the chevron FSP and they all work flawlessly with standard FSBs to flip-up front sights such as Troy, Diamondhead USA, Magpul MBUS, and even more exotic brands such as Unity Tactical.  The threading is robust and all FSPs threaded in with no slop at all.

Blitzkreig Components Chevron Front Sight Post 2

The Blitzkrieg Components, LLC FSP is made from 416 stainless steel with a melonite finish.  The FSP retails for $39.95 and comes standard with a proprietary sight tool, which is the only downside about this product – the necessity for yet another small proprietary tool to keep track of, however this is a small inconvenience in context to all of the advantages that come with the chevron FSP.  The Blitzkrieg chevron has become standard equipment for all of my long guns.

You can find Blitzkrieg Components, LLC on the web, on Facebook, and on their YouTube channel.

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