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Bravo Company Brings it: The GunFighter KeyMod VFG

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Since KeyMod forend systems came out a couple years ago a mess of accessories (that's a precise measurement, by the way) have been released with one notable exception: a direct attach VFG. While several companies have reported they were working on a KeyMod VFG, BCM, a company well known for their AR rifles and accessories was the first to bring one to the table.


 This isn't to say that one couldn't attach a VFG to a KeyMod forend before, just that mounting was far less than ideal. Typically one would first attach a KeyMod compatible Picatinny to the forend and then secure a VFG to the rail. The downsides are many: increase in weight, tools required for installation, and the ledge of the mounting rail itself can get in the way of the support hand. A less common way was to modify or adapt a bolt-on VFG intended for a different forend system and all the corresponding issues that method entails.

 First announced at SHOT show earlier this year, it was clear the styling would deviate from the standard. As opposed to a screw or a lever the BCM GunFighter KeyMod VFG features a unique two-piece design that allows one to simply twist it on swiftly and completely without the need for any tools. Nope, no vertical cylinder pop bottle grip here but instead oblong and canted.


BCM KeyMod gripped alongside a TangoDown Stubby

 Shape and angle aside, right out of the box I knew I was dealing with something different. The locking interface is like nothing I’ve ever seen. Two metal multidirectional KeyMod nuts sit on top surrounded by a spring loaded locking plate. An inset serrated button allows for the main body of the VFG to be twisted off and two similar buttons sit at the base to allow access to the storage compartment.

 The narrow front and rear of the BCM GunFighter VFG feature horizontal ribs while the wider sides are textured for grip. While surely many out there will break out their wood burners and soldering irons for an aggressive stippling job it certainly isn’t required. The storage compartment, accessed via the aforementioned dual inset buttons, is meager but still allows for a single CR-123 or AA battery if desired. The inside of the trap door latch features a hard but pliable rubber surface to aid in securing items.


 To install this VFG you’ll need three open KeyMod slots and about ten seconds. First, push up on the inset button on the locking portion of the grip and rotate the body counter-clockwise. There is no need to completely remove the main body (though you can) for installation purposes; just a couple turns will do. Push the KeyMod nuts into the corresponding holes and push the entire assembly forward. To lock it all you need to do is push the inset button and rotate the body clockwise until flush. While that last operation can be done without depressing the button I can only see that practice leading to premature wear and tear on the VFG.

 On the Gun:

Some of you may be thinking, “Sloped? Oblong? Huh?” Depending on your shooting style and how you employ a VFG, a forward or reverse cant can enhance control of your rifle. A forward cant allows for a rigorous and more natural hold when fully wrapping the hand. For those that shroud the forend with their thumb a reverse angle increases control. Try it both ways. As mentioned the VFG comes on and off in seconds so this is a no-brainer. The wide, flat sides are great for use against vertical cover as well as feeling more like a traditional pistol grip.


Rearward Canted

 Height wise it’s a little shorter than some other factory stubby VFGs such as the MagPul MVG and the TangoDown stubby–just about perfect for my form of shooting and VFG operation. While the rounded edge of the GunFighter isn’t flush with the forend the transition area is quite comfortable. Almost immediately I found myself tucking my middle finger right on the seam between the two surfaces making for an exceptional reference point.

 Like we’ve come to expect from BCM products, the quality of the GunFighter VFG is readily apparent and the features practically speak for themselves. Competitors really have an uphill battle against this one.

 The BCM GunFighter KeyMod Vertical Grip  is available from BCM for $40.00, with a non-QD model for just under $18. They come in four different colors: Foliage Green, Flat Dark Earth, Black, and the new Wolf Gray (pictured).


Forward Canted

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