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Bravo Company USA’s Modified Short Vertical Grip

Bravo Company USA recently released the latest iteration of their of their Short Vertical Grip (VFG); the Mod 3 Vertical Grip. The Mod 3 is made of impact resistant polymers and weighs in at 1.9 ounces. The length of the grip was designed for “increased mobility and minimized snag factor” and is described as having improved ergonomic features as well. The flat sides of the grip are textured, designed to improve yaw control while manipulating the weapon.

BCM- VFG - 1

The grip comes in two different configurations, Mod 3-KM and Mod 3-1913. This means you have two mounting options as well. You can get the Mod 3 in four different colors- Black, Wolf Grey, Flat Dark Earth, and Foliage Green ( each for $17.95 on BCM’s website). You can also check out more pictures on their Facebook page. Subscribe to their website for more information about their products here, and don’t forget to check out RECOIL's recent Q&A with BCM founder Paul Buffoni here.





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