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Brethren Armament BAP 9mm at Ironman 3 Gun 2014

This video comes courtesy of Sinistral Rifleman (RECOIL contributor Russell Phagan), who ran the Brethren Armament BAP 9mm recently at the Ironman 3 Gun 2014. He advises, “In Trooper Division we can use pistol caliber carbine for both pistol and rifle targets. I fired over 600 rounds at the match without cleaning the gun. The first malfunction in the video is due to bad ammo, the second was caused by shooting in urban prone and have a casing come out and bounce back in.”

RECOIL editor Iain Harrison wrote about the BAP 9mm in Issue 13. He advises,

“[Brethren Armament is a]…small (read, very small) veteran-owned business run by brothers Quinn and Kyle McIntosh, these guys have been putting together some very slick guns on a semi-custom basis and have recently expanded their operations into limited production runs. Their standard offering is a 9mm semiauto pistol, which is usually the basis for a short-barreled rifle (SBR) conversion. There are two typical methods to creating an MP5-pattern SBR — by either adding a stock to a pistol or cutting down the barrel on a carbine version. The latter requires the services of a gunsmith, while the former requires only normal field stripping — hence usually the preferred route. In addition to their BAP 9mm pistol, they also produce 10mm and .40 S&W versions, semiauto SP89 clones, as well as post-1986 sample guns for Class III dealers.”

Read more about the BAP 9mm here. BAP 9mm - Stripped

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