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Cabot Guns Mirror Image Pistol Set

Cabot Guns has launched its Mirror Image Pistol Set Program where you can purchase identically inverted left and right handed versions. The models available for the program are the Jones 1911, Jones Deluxe, National Standard, RangeMaster and American Joe. Cabot guns are machines from American 4140 billet steel to within tolerances of 2/10,000 of an inch per specification, and are designed using technology taken from the aerospace industry.

“We’re taking the time and the care to do what other gun companies are just not doing,” stated Cabot Guns founder Rob Bianchin. “Our left-handed gun is completely inverted which includes not only the ejection port and thumb controls, but we’ve also gone so far as to invert the rifling twist in the barrel so the torque of the gun and its felt recoil is correct when shot left handed.”

Images are of a custom set of Cabot National Standard model pistols customized to include the client's logo at the rear of the slide. Pricing for the Cabot Guns Mirror Image Pistol Set ranges from $12,000 to $30,000 depending on personalization.

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