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Canolagate: FIREClean Responds

It seems that Karl and Ian's InRange taste test video of FIREClean and its' follow up has raised the ire of the company itself.  FIREClean issued a statement condemning the use of it's vegatable oil based lubricant as a cooking oil.

“Through social media some individuals are unbelievably encouraging the public to use firearms lubricants and cooking oils interchangeably; but gun lubricants should not be assumed ‘safe’ for consumption or food preparation! For example, our product, FIREClean™ is not re-labeled Crisco, nor is it relabeled canola oil or simple vegetable oil. The bottle is clearly labeled “do not consume” and those directions should be followed. “Our company urges people not to consume or use FIREClean™ in the preparation of food.” pointed out Matthew Bergstrom, FIREClean™ Counsel.”


FIREClean goes on to state that there are dangers with using unproven lubricants in firearms

“At the least, untested substances could risk damage to expensive guns. At worst, a malfunctioning firearm could cause grave bodily injury or death.”

InRange took note of the press release and had this to say:


“We have to assume that they didn't watch our video long enough to learn that rapeseed oil has been historically used for many mechanical lubrication needs throughout history.

Just to be clear, you can lubricate the USS Missouri with rapeseed oil, but if you put it in your pistol it might EXPLODE AND KILL YOU.”

We would expect nothing less from an oil derived from RAPEseed.  All kidding aside, it is probably best to stick with using oils for their advertised and intended purposes.



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