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Carnivore Issue #3

One thing I keep getting reminded of every time I travel is that the commitment to take control of what ends up in your freezer or on your plate isn’t limited to just your immediate neighborhood or the continental USA. Hunting transcends just about every national and geographic boundary, so in this issue of CARNIVORE we decided to hit the road to bring you experiences from across oceans and states.

There’s an unbreakable thread that binds us as humans, no matter which continent we reside in — and that’s of a common ancestry, which saw us evolve as hunter-gatherers. For 99 percent of our existence as a species, we’ve hunted stuff, killed it, and ate it. It’s only in the past few hundred years that our roles in society have become hyper-specialized, resulting in an almost complete dissociation from the sources of our food. I’ve always wondered if, upon seeing a steak on a Styrofoam tray covered in clear plastic, the average consumer has any connection at all to the animal that was killed in order to provide him or her with that meal, and if they’d be prepared to even acknowledge their role in its death.

As hunters, we leave much of that hypocrisy to others. We know that every time we sit down to eat, something has died. Embracing that fact doesn’t make us less compassionate or humane — rather it allows us to value life more, having taken a conscious decision to involve ourselves in the process. We don’t pay a faceless employee in a far-away slaughterhouse to do our work for us, and instead put in hours of sometimes fruitless labor to have the chance at meeting an animal in its own habitat where it holds most of the advantages.

So celebrate the experience! Be proud of who you are and what you’ve achieved, and share the fruits of your labor with friends, family, neighbors, and anyone who could use a meal made from the finest ingredients on earth. Good luck this season from all of us here at CARNIVORE, no matter where your hunt takes you.

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