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Carved “Hobo Nickel” Coins from GNSD

Goonies Never Say Die. That's the name of the company behind these carved coins, each sculpted in incredible detail. There re lots of different styles of these “hobo nickels” to choose from, though skeletons and the undead predominate in the artist's gallery (the artists advises here specialty is skull work). She takes custom orders and has a number of coins for sale on her website. Cost ranges from $40 to $60. This might be just the kind of unique identifier for a team, squad, platoon or tight-knit group of whatever kind (or of course for your own collection). At least one of the past carves on display has a loop on top to accept a necklace chain, and she apparently does other carving as well.

Goonies Never Say Die carved coins 2

Lots more images on her Instagram account. Find Goonies Hobos online here: You can also follow them on Facebook here:

Goonies Never Say Die carved coins 3

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