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Gadget Fu: CB radio iPhone handset

There are a lot of smartphone handsets out there- the banana phone, the hamburger phone, the retro phone…you get the idea. For those of you not interested in walking around talking into a piece of food, there is the CB radio iPhone handset. Although the name implies its specific to iPhones, it will work with any smartphone with a 3.5mm jack. This CB radio handset has a clip that can be attached anywhere you deem fitting (the shoulder, your belt, the inside of your car, an epaulette). If features an on/off button on the side, volume control knob, a mute button, and a microphone built into the cord “for better sound pickup”. You don’t have to use it as a handset while you’re talking on the phone either- it also functions as a phone speaker for playing music (or movies for those of you tech types who carry a phone larger than a normal person's tablet).

For $10 why not?

iPhoneCBNow you can use your iPhone and feel like this:

CB radio iPhone handset

This product (along with many other cool gadgets) is available through ThinkGeek, a company that basically builds adults toys, gadgets, and t shirts. ThinkGeek was established on February 13th 1999, which could mean a lot or nothing. Interestingly, although their staff includes the 4 original foundersand 8 other ‘important’ employees listed on their page, their website says they “actually have way more people than this, but the zombie attack has delayed us updating [the] page”.

Buy your iPhone CB Radio handset here.

Oh yeah, and the ThinkGeek nerd cadre includes two dogs. After their ‘no soliciting’ sign failed to ward off solicitors, they employed Cisco (a border collie mix) and Rangeley (labrador retriever) to stand watch at the door. You can see their full profile on ThinkGeek’s profile page. To check out the CB handset and other gadget fu goodies, check out their website or Facebook page.

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