The Ultimate Firearms Destination for the Gun Lifestyle


This looks pretty interesting, both for sci-fi buffs and those who enjoy a good action flick. Hell, Wolverine's even rocking a mullet. Unfortunately, none of the premise seems extraordinarily unique (which isn't necessarily a bad thing). We've got some of Asimov's I Robot, a little Autómata and a dash of modern Pinnochio. Presumably Dev Patel will be the dystopian future incarnation of Geppetto. If some of the villainous undertones resonate with apartheidism, well, it's Neill Blomkamp directing and besides, those evil South Africans are always a convenient trope to use.1

I wonder if this Chappy knows about it.

John Chapman 2

John Chapman1No, I'm not saying South Africans are all villains, nor am I minimizing apartheid, lighten up. I'm just saying it would be refreshing to see something original and different done with them.

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