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Survival Hardware has kicked off a new newsletter and begun putting stock back on the shelves (among them items like the ‘Thor's Hammer FireStriker' and Damascus Thor's Hammer above). If you've never heard of Survival Hardware before, here's a little brief. We also previously talked about them in a Saturday Night Blade Porn article.

Survival Hardware LLC is a small knife and tool company. We began making tools in 2010 for personal use. Due to durability and useability our tools became popular within select groups and continue to gain fans around the world. Survival Hardware LLC knives and tools represent many years of teaching and learning in the outdoor community. I am a Retired US Marine that has spent my entire career teaching and learning combat tracking, survival and Scout Sniper skills. These tools are designed from my experience in the field during training and combat. I am proud to bring that experience to your personal kit.
–Norseman (Maker)


It's not just a store though. They also run a blog with a ton of information covering many aspects of survival. You can check that out here


You can visit Survival Hardware online here, or give them a follow on Facebook.


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