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Check out the “CaraClaw” on Kickstarter

The CaraClaw, now on Kickstarter, is a combination EDC knife and carabiner from StatGear. Dubbed “your outdoor knife/carabiner companion,” it’s a 440 stainless steel inner liner with a rubber coated “heavy duty nylon handle” and features a blade locking button on the side of the ‘biner. Overall weight is quoted at 2.8 oz.; it’s 3.75 in. long with blade closed and the somewhat karambit-like blade itself is 1.125 in. StatGear, the manufacturer, advises you “…put your first two fingers inside the carabiner and rest your ring finger on the carabiner’s tail for extra strength and support while using the blade.”  There is a ‘beak’ of sorts on the back of ‘biner, opposite the blade end. That could certainly be used as a striking implement or something to utilize for pain compliance techniques.  It might be even further improved with the addition of a carbide tip for window breakage. 

This isn’t the first product from StatGear. They previously released the T3 Knife (reviewed here on Ambulance World) so backers needn’t worry as much as they might with a start-up. Their current campaign is for tooling costs and the first production run of the CaraClaw.

For more information watch the video below or check their Kickstarter page. You can find StatGear online here, though be advised the website isn’t as intuitive as it could be so it’s somewhat hard to navigate; you can read their background and what magazines they’ve appeared in, but good luck locating a central location to read about their products.

StatGear CaraClaw 1

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