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Check Out TNVC’s New NVG Lifestyle Site

Tactical Night Vision Company (TNVC) has announced a new website for things that are nightvision and predator-hunting related. “Night Goggles Inc.” is a place for enthusiasts, particularly (though not limited to) hunters. The new site offers night and thermal optics, apparel and the accessories with a focus on equipment that’s more affordable than the highest end Gen 3 equipment without sacrificing performance and reliability. They offer IR illuminators, predator lights (like the Coyote Light), rail- and helmet-mounting equipment, rifle and pistol lasers — you get the idea.

Says TNVC’s Victor Di Cosola,

Like our sister company, we realize that you are looking for a shopping experience tailored to your mission. We present you with a plethora of hand-picked night vision and thermal optics, as well as pertinent accessories. Recognizing that not every night vision end-user is looking for the most expensive military-issue devices, we supply field-proven gear at a budget-minded price. Our customers know that they are getting a solid product that will provide years of faithful service. We won’t sell something that we would not purchase ourselves for our own hunts.

NGI Customers will find a unique offering of products, exclusive to our website. These include some more-affordable variants of popular TNVC products as well as exclusive gear. You will find some familiar night vision systems with a twist: utilization of high quality Gen2 and Gen2+ image intensifier tubes. These solid tubes provide great clarity and target identification capability for a fraction of the Gen3 price. What’s more: many of these systems will be housed in the exact same bodies as their government-issue counterparts. If you are looking for MILSPEC quality at a consumer price: NGI is your huckleberry.

You can visit the website here. On Facebook here. Their YouTube channel will be here and their Tumblr page, when it get rolling will be here.

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