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Chris Cheng – first impressions of the “Salvo 12” shotgun suppressor

Nathan Murr wasn’t the only RECOIL-contributor or -friend at the recent SilencerCo event that debuted the Salvo 12. So was Chris Cheng. Our web editor asked him for a quick rundown on his first impressions. This was his response.


Those were the first words that came out of my mouth after shooting SilencerCo’s groundbreaking new shotgun suppressor. It’s not common that a truly new product hits the market, and the SilencerCo team has dubbed their new “Salvo 12” as the first “commercially viable” shotgun suppressor. I was initially struck by the shape and look of the suppressor and how the baffles are on the underbelly of the unit, as opposed to completely surrounding the unit which is common in pistol and rifle suppressors. This offset design allows the shotgunner to still use iron sights since the suppressor stays below the top of the barrel. If the Salvo had a more “traditional” suppressor shape, then you’d have to mount raised iron sights or a scope to compensate.

I shot the 12″ and 6″ models on a variety of shotguns (Benelli M2 and M4, Mossberg 500 and 930) and I actually favored the 12″ most. Even though it’s the longest model, I enjoyed being able to rip off 12 gauge rounds without needing ear protection. The Salvo 12 weighs 32 ounces, which I didn’t really notice when swinging through flying clays. I also noticed considerable recoil reduction which assisted me with follow up shots. Here’s a quick look at how level I could keep a Benelli M2 while dumping 9 rounds

Apologies in advance if you were expecting a suppressed shotgun to sound like this (warning, Hollywood violence):
The Salvo 12 has an MSRP of $1,400 and will be available this Fall. SilencerCo offers a lifetime warranty on their products, and even warranties “stupid” in the event of user error. The Salvo 12 is definitely a game changer that I suspect will have a tremendously positive impact on the industry.
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Chris Cheng Top Shot Salvo 12 Shotgun Suppressor

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