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Chris Mintz – when good men take action

The name Chris Mintz is trending across social media today. Numerous media outlets are reporting Mintz was wounded at Umpqua Community College yesterday attempting to stop a gunman committing mass murder. Stories vary from some that have him “…charging the shooter..” to others describing him as attempting to bar a door against the gunman. Some reports have him suffering as many as 7 gunshot wounds and 2 broken legs, others that he was shot twice. Either way one thing is clear; he was willing to put himself at risk in defense of others and was shot multiple times as a result.

There are still people in the world ready to risk their life to do what's right.

Though we don't want to begin grave dancing to prove a point, we cannot help but wonder if this could have gone differently. What if there been someone there with proper training, a firearm, grit and the will to prevail Mintz so ably demonstrated? Why, again, must tragedy result in calls from the highest level of government to make it even more difficult for Americans to defend themselves instead of facing the truth realistically, and with pragmatism?

Mintz is, quite deservedly, one of the heroes of the hour. Mintz is an Army veteran from Ft. Lewis, possibly (based on some of his past statements on social media) of the 25th Infantry, but at this point that is  conjecture. Interestingly, Oregon Army National Guardsman Alek Skarlatos (one of the Americans who recently stopped a terror attack on a train in Europe) also attends Umpqua Community College.

We extend our appreciation to the responding officers who ended the threat and offer thoughts and prayers to the families of the victims.

You can watch Mintz trending on Twitter or follow him on Instagram (@chrismintz). Follow statements from Douglas County (OR) Sheriff's Office here.

The recently retired President of Umpqua Community College (which allegedly voted last year against the presence of armed guards on campus) Joe Olson is quoted as saying “…you can never be prepared for something like this.” That is, of course, as banal statement as it is frustratingly incorrect. What is it Dave Spaulding says?

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“You must be an active participant in your own rescue.”

You can read more about Mintz and the events at Umpqua Community College right here.

Predictably there is a less than helpful statement (unsurprisingly anti-gun) from POTUS on the murders if you care to read it.

One last note – initial reports are always wrong. Don't be too quick to repeat hyperbole or melodramatic supposition as fact. Eleven people are dead, their families in mourning. Let us not trivialize that with half truths and innuendo.

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