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CLASSON – a smart helmet for bicycling

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Wearing a helmet is required by law in some place. In others it's not. Most of think wearing a helmet is critical to protecting your health and being a responsible cyclist no matter where you live; a few of us are brain damaged though, so…

Anyway, sometimes when you’re riding your bike in traffic, messages to the drivers around you can be mixed up for drivers; things like, where are you turning? Or, for you as the cyclist, is there a car coming up on you? This is CLASSON, a piece of gear meant not only to protect the Brain Housing Group (BHG) but to eliminate some of the confusion seen between cyclists and drivers – which will hopefully protect you further.

Here is what our source has to say.

GADGET FU: CLASSON – A Smart Helmet for Bicycling

Introducing Classon: The intelligent bike helmet that detects cars approaching in your blind spot, and has motion activated brake and turn signals so that you are visible to others. Simple and intuitive, this helmet allows you to communicate your intentions to those around you without even thinking about it. Here are the features in detail…

Blind spot detection:

Know when cars are approaching, so you can make better decisions on the road.

Cameras (front & back) scan the environment. This info is interpreted by our algorithm and communicated to you, using our visor interface. A non-disruptive light under the visor blinks in your peripheral vision as cars are approaching from behind. Light intensity is adjustable.

CLASSON front view2- Copy

Intuitive turn signals:

Intuitive Turn Signals: Gesture sensors read your natural movements and activate the turning lights (fantastic for night).

Indicate which way you are turning simply by using your hand signals. The sensors read your movement and activate your turning lights on the right or left side. Turn lights are located in the front and back of the helmet, ensuring that you are visible to others.

CLASSON back view - Copy

Automatic brake lights:

Brake lights turn on automatically when you reduce speed.

Let those behind you know your intentions just by doing what you would normally do. The integrated accelerometer detects when you are braking and a red light turns on at the back of the helmet.

Guided navigation:

Set your destination and the CLASSON Helmet ​will guide you there.

Get step-by-step navigation guidance in the simplest way. ​Our proprietary interface is simple and doesn't require you to take your eyes off the road. Use the Classon App and your phone communicates with the helmet. A series of directional lights under your visor tell you whether to go left, right or straight.

Access and share video:

Live stream your ride or quickly capture and share videos on the fly. Your ride is automatically recorded. Access the video and edit to make small videos or GIFs to share with friends. ​You could even live stream your commute!

CLASSON while biking

Thoughtful design:

A hole to lock your helmet with your bike. This lock opening allows you to secure your CLASSON helmet to your bike.

For more information or find out where to support, go to their Kickstarter, website, Facebook or Twitter.

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