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Concealed Carry and Printing

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Tactical Professor ran a great article on printing about a month ago. It won't begin the way you expect – there's a brief treatise on Louis Vuitton handbags and how women notice them – but it quickly evolves into something you'll be able to identify with. Overall the article addresses the frequent, foolish belief many of us have that “no one notices when we carry concealed”.

If we really want to extend the opportunity to ‘always carry’ to an expanding percentage of the American populace, we’re going to have to come up with a better concept than ‘dress around the gun.’

Whether you doubt the situational awareness or perception skills of the people around you or just believe your layered shirts are sufficient, our actual achieved level of true “concealment” frequently falls badly short of what we believe (or would wish). It doesn't necessarily need to be the butt of a pistol that gives you away, either. It can be your spare mag printing as you pull your wallet, it can be the clip from the knife or flashlight you have in your pocket, it might be your apparel itself – wearing a “tactical soft shell” might not be a giveaway by itself, but it's certainly one tell that can be added up with others to attract attention or identify you as the kind of guy who might be armed.

CONCEALMENT Printing magazine while drawing wallet

One of the major problems in the training community is that almost every trainer with a Mil or LE background has not spent one single day actually working in the White Collar or Retail Business environments. Unfortunately, what this means is that although they can teach you how to run a pistol well, they are utterly unqualified to even speak about Concealed Carry, as it pertains to most people, much less teach it. Even Jeff Cooper admitted that when he wore a suit, he carried a J frame revolver, not a 1911. Of course, Jeff actually owned suits and knew how to tie a tie.

Read the original article in its entirety here for your education and edification. It's good stuff.

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