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Concealment #11

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Due to politicians engaging in hair-on-fire sensationalism over the DOJ’s settlement with Cody Wilson, in this issue we decided to cover what any sensible bunch of Second Amendment guys would write about. So naturally, we have for your edification an article that details how to build your own handgun from an 80-percent frame without applying for a permission slip from the government.

Now, the right to make your own firearm has been part of societal fabric since the invention of gunpowder, but this doesn’t seem to have muted the volume of wails coming from certain camera-chasing media whores and their attendant useful idiots in the media. In order to save humanity from the imaginary hobgoblin this state of affairs creates, the phrase “DIY freedom” simply wouldn’t do. Thus a couple of years back, the flunkies buzzing about Californian dim-bulb, political hack Kevin Leon like flies orbiting a turd brainstormed the catchy-sounding expression “Ghost Gun,” no doubt to eliminate any need to expend effort actually learning about the subject. Boy, I’d love to have observed that patchouli-scented meeting of intellectual titans.

Since then, it seems to have entered political discourse like an STD, popping up every now and again exactly where you’d expect. Recently, none other than distinguished elder statesman Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) took to the podium with his pearls tightly clutched. In an epic display of his mastery of the subject, he proclaimed, “Ghost guns are not only scary, they’re outright dangerous in the way they can mimic the look and the capacity of a hardened, fully semiautomatic weapon.”

In the face of such idiocy, we should point, laugh, and then exploit every available means to raise a metaphorical middle finger. So go ahead, fellow freedom-loving Americans. Make a stand, make a gun, and make a statement.

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