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Welcome to the 13th installment of RECOIL’s CONCEALMENT Magazine. 2019 brings with it a Federal legislature emboldened by a wave of unheralded gun control action at the state level. We’re bracing for national level confiscation efforts disguised as red flag laws and waiting period bills shrewdly sold as suicide prevention measures, with a goal of hindering gun sales to the point gun shops are driven out of business. And, there’s renewed interest in assault weapon bans that use doe-eyed school children to demonize America’s most popular rifle — as well as the people that own them.

Write and call your state and local delegations, keep an eye on legislative calendars, and show up at hearings. Most of all, recognize that our opposition is taking advantage of fissures and stoking factional infighting among us, using wedge issues to divide hunters, home- and self-defenders, competitors, preppers, and any other social divisions that separate gun owners. Find common ground and support each other, no matter what you use guns for.

That’s enough soapboxing. We’ve got a great issue lined up for your reading pleasure. Our gun reviews cover a broad range of wants and needs. Iain’s look at Colt’s new King Cobra will have you wondering if revolvers are making a comeback. Dave’s informative and supremely entertaining article on the new 500 Auto Max may have resulted from a Walter Sobchak fever dream. Tom wrings out the new CZ P-10 S, and I get to share my newfound appreciation for little 1911s after spending some quality time with SIG’s new P938 Legion. Contributor Tamara Keel challenged SCCY’s latest to a 2,000-round evaluation, and her unflinching report lays plain our allegiance to you, our reader.

It’s not all about buying guns, though. So, you’ve got a deep dive in the way our nation’s finest warriors use cover from none other than retired Special Forces Sergeant Major Dan Brokos. We’ve got lessons on protecting your kids and getting the most from your training. And, because fighting is always the last option, we asked our been-there-done-that contributors how they keep a low profile in the most challenging environments and how they read body language.

The whole staff of RECOIL’s CONCEALMENT is working hard to bring you the best look at the tools and training meant to protect you and those in your charge.

-Rob Curtis

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