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Welcome to the 15th issue of CONCEALMENT. By the time this book hits your coffee table or, just as likely, your bathroom, all six of the new guns we’ve reviewed for you will be under glass at your local gun shop. And, there’s no bought-and-paid-for gun reviews here, either. We know our readers can smell advertiser-friendly reviews a mile away. As gun geeks ourselves, we wouldn’t pay for that crap in a magazine, and we certainly wouldn’t be caught shoveling it ourselves.

We did our level best to break a gun in this issue. We had some busted sights, a misguided trigger guard design, and a sluggish slide across the range of preproduction and production review guns we ran, but no spectacular range fails despite our best efforts (and robust round counts). Every problem we uncovered was pretty pedestrian and shouldn’t dissuade you from carrying any of the pistols we covered.

By my account, this is a failure on our part. While I’d like to issue a refund for everyone who paid for this issue, the bean counters wouldn’t allow it. Instead, I’ll just promise to push our review guns even harder in the next issue.

Meantime, we’ve got a great feature on the nitty-gritty of hanging on to a knife in a fight from my good friend Patrick Vuong, a Jedi pistol master’s take on jump-starting your relationship with pistol-mounted optics from Mike Pannone, a look at what guys who can have just about any home-defense gun choose for their own nightstand, a solid case for ditching traditional gun safes, and some tips on getting advice from the internet.

All that, plus a cover tribute by Savoy Leather to our current pop-culture fave, Rick and Morty, which should be out with a new season by the time the pages of this magazine are draped across your hairy thighs. So, enjoy… and we hope this issue is good enough to make your legs go numb!

– Rob Curtis

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