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The second issue of our groundbreaking concealed carry magazine, CONCEALMENT 2 is now on the shelves. In it, we deliver vital information for anyone who carries a weapon, whether for work or to protect themselves and their loved ones. Experts such as Seeklander, Graham, Fisher, Jaques, and Ellifritz chime in on topics as diverse as weapon strikes, combatives, off-body carry, and the soft skills that others overlook.

We take a close look at shooting around, from and through the vehicles that all we spend so much time in, and come to some surprising conclusions, examine low-light tactics and put a bunch of red dot-equipped handguns to the test. We also get to run some of the latest offerings from handgun manufacturers through the wringer –  one doesn't make the cut. Find out which one at your favorite bookstore.

To preview the issue click here: Concealment 2

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