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While it may seem like heresy in a firearms publication, we hold the opinion that having the skills to respond to violence without a gun is just as important as learning marksmanship. In a self-defense encounter, being equipped with more tools than a hammer means every problem doesn’t automatically look like a nail, and our chances of avoiding a life-changing outcome increase dramatically.

If going to guns becomes the last option on a long list, rather than the only one you have, then you may not need that friendly lawyer, your bank account will be healthier, and you’ll probably sleep a whole lot better. Which is why in this issue of CONCEALMENT, Michael Janich returns to explain his system for dealing with an opponent who’s armed with a blade, Conrad Bui looks at ways to escape from grabs and chokeholds, and Molotov Mitchell examines the mechanics of turning the tables on a carjacker. In each of these, the authors give solutions that don’t rely on the availability of a pistol, as not only does this offer the chance to walk away unharmed, it does so when you may be at your most vulnerable.

For example, if I’m headed out for an evening at my watering hole, I won’t be packing my usual CCW — as a law-abiding citizen, I’m subject to state ordinances that prohibit permit holders from carrying while consuming alcohol. While Ben Franklin may have considered beer to be evidence that God loves us and wants us to be happy, my state legislature reckons it’s reason to keep the gat in the safe. Having the skills to overcome a threat without a ballistic recourse opens up a whole slew of recreational opportunities.

If, on the other hand, we do find ourselves in a deadly encounter and absolutely need to resort to a handgun to protect either ourselves or a loved one, then any of the pistols featured in this edition would serve admirably. I’ve personally shot our cover gun and can vouch for both author Tom Marshall’s good taste and ROBAR’s craftsmanship in their efforts to recreate the classic ASP. Hopefully it’ll spark a few ideas of your own when it comes to customization, but before you start slapping in parts willy-nilly, I’d urge you to study Cris McRae’s article on the downsides of aftermarket triggers. Sometimes what might seem to be a good idea is too much.

To preview the issue click here: Concealment 6

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