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Conflict Forge: Mini Gun Damascus Part 1

Conflict steel is any type of metal pulled from a battlefield. It's been used for functional art by craftsmen since the days of the Roman legions (and probably before). Jack Stottlemire and Chris Williams are following this tradition in a new series called Conflict Forge. In this particular video Chris Williams and Jack Stottlemire make some Damascus steel out of mini gun barrels and turn it into knives.

Yeah, I know. It's badass.

Check it out. Then help them decide which blade to make out of it. Personally I think a 4 in. Rustick Utility Knife that says REEDER on it somewhere would be just about perfect but hey, I could be wrong. Might just be a Wilmont Knives Persian (that says REEDER on it) would be the thing.

You can disagree of course. Just watch the video and tell them your preference.

Subscribe to Conflict Forge right here. They're going to be building knives from an old Ma Deuce barrel and a flintlock in coming episodes — don't miss it.

I'll end with this picture. I'm pretty sure this is what it would look like if the Justice League were all artisans who worked with fire and steel. That's Ashton Naylor, Chris Williams and Jack Stottlemire lined up with none other than Elmer Roush.


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