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The Couch Bunker

Hercacles Research Corporation, owner of the BedBunker product line, builds more than just “bed safes”. They now have a couch safe. This arsenal compatible sofa comes in four models, including leather.

couch-bunker- couch mode

Interestingly, the cushions in the couch are “bullet proof cushions” to act as a shield. They can (according to the manufacturer) withstand a .44 Magnum at point black range. To get to the safe, the cushions must be taken off and the cover layer folded down. You can then use the designated key to open the safe.

couch-bunker open

couch-bunker open empty

The dimensions of the safe are 78 inches length x 29.5 inches width x 14 inches height. The Couch Bunker starts at $5,036, and you'll have to tack on an extra $500 for the ballistic cushions. You can check out the Couch Bunker and other products on the Bed Bunker website, or watch the ballistics test on the bullet proof cushions below.

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